• FinderScreenSnapz003

    Demo Reel

    Shots from narrative shorts I have shot and edited over the last year or so.

  • Super


    This is the trailer to a long short-film (40 min) created with a great group of […]

  • WP_thumbnail

    “Not So Fast”

    A very short video we put together to try out some VFX techniques from Andrew Kramer at videocopilot.net

  • FinderScreenSnapz005

    OC 2011

    A stop-motion introduction to the members of Wheaton College’s Orientation Committee of 2011.

  • Super BTS

    “Scoot” – Behind the Scenes

    A behind the scenes look at the 9 month on-again-off-again process of shooting “Scoot.”

  • IMG_0776

    New Zealand

  • FinderScreenSnapz001

    Year in Review

    A video summary of my life from June 2010 through June 2011.

  • FinderScreenSnapz007


    Unofficial music video of Coldplay’s “Charlie Brown.” Featured in Coldplay’s newsletter & EMI Record’s social media platform.